It is difficult to imagine your dog to be a weapon...

The forbidden breeds

From 12 August, 1991 in Great Britain the company against breeding, sale, exchange and advertisement of Pit Bull Terriers has started. But before that time the other three fighting breeds such as Tosa inu, Fila brasileiro and Argentine Danes were declared to be outlaws. However it does not at all mean that every dog belonging to one of the forbidden breeds and living in UK or somewhere else is necessarily dangerous.

Many wonder how far the similar tendency can go. Who will be the next: Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Dobermans? If we say that any dog breed from the above mentioned constitutes a menace, than with the same right one can say that any person of certain nationality is dangerous. Close control over the selection, well-defined boundaries of owner responsibility for his dog and intense attention to training matters-this is much more rational way of handling the problem.  

Is it possible to consider a dog as a potentially lethal weapon?

The legislation of State California defines potentially lethal weapon or tool as something that can lead or near lead a person to death or serious bodily injury. There is a legal resolution which reads that a dog meets this definition.

It says: “If a stock such as, for example, a pillow, razor blade or a needle hidden inside an apple can be regarded as potentially lethal weapon or a tool, then, according to the definition, all the more so in such a capacity one may see the dog trained to drop down on a person under the command of its owner”.

The court, however, declared that in any single case one should take definite circumstances into account. Nevertheless, the decree of the court reads unequivocally the following:

“The dog intentionally trained for coming down on people on a signal or the dog executing this command without special training but having necessary abilities to reduce its victim to death or cause it grievous bodily harm is to be considered as  potentially lethal weapon”. 

All this proves the depth of responsibility which is imposed on an owner of a working dog. One should learn very well that such dog may be used only for reasons of protection.
By tradition, the law assigns a certain place for a tracker dog according to application of power means.

At first a dog is slipped to an offender after which a policeman can use a bludgeon and then a revolver. That is why bite wounds of a police dog are usually harmless and treatable whereas bastinados or missile wounds may result in too serious accidents and sometimes even death.

The rights of a dog owner

As a dog owner you have certain rights. You have the right to protect yourself and your family from an attack. You may lessen your responsibility if your dog was on the lead or in fenced territory during an disastrous occurrence. If you realize your responsibility before the wider public, then this will help you to escape legal liability.

If this world were perfect and inhabited by ideal representatives of the human kind we would not need to take care of our own safety. But we all know that it is not so unfortunately. High crime rate make many recourse to the following security facilities:
  • firing arm;
  • signaling systems;
  • personal protection using service of  K-9
The greater number of guards the better but provided that you have mastered each of them. Of course it is possible to try this and that but if you love dogs and are sure that will withstand the burden of the responsibility which is fixed with an owner of K-9, then this variant will furnish most security to you.


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