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Metal Collars

The products in this category may seem scary and remind of the torture instruments used some centuries ago. In fact, these tools can cause no harm to the doggy but will help you to enjoy his walking and training.
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NEW ARRIVALS - Metal Collars

These collars are meant to correct the behavior of the dog and to help his owner to educate him without any inconvenience. The category includes martingale, choke and pinch dog collars for behavior correction and the ones for dog shows. All the gear is produced from the harmless material. You are presented the gear made of chrome plated steel, curogan, brass and stainless steel. Besides, the category includes the supplies with some leather parts. Be sure, this stuff is non-toxic and will not lead to any bad consequences. These tools will become your great helpers if your four-pawed friend is stubborn and disobedient. Get one to improve your canine’s behavior!