Amazingly Durable Puppy and Young Dog Training Jute Bite Builder


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  • Model: PBB3J1029 Puppy bite builder made of Jute

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Extremely Durable and Lightweight Jute Bite Builder for Young Dogs and Puppy Training

If you are looking for a durable item to begin training your puppy, here it is! You will never find more reliable equipment than this Jute Handcrafted Bite Builder! It will reveal your canine's individuality from the early age and in the future you will be able to engage him in more complicated work and competitions connected with it!
This gear is made of the material which is hard to bite through. Your doggy will definitely like his first steps in bite training while using this bite builder!

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2 inside padded hard handles

Safe Puppy Bite Builder Made of Jute Fabric

Strong bite resistant jute fabric

Extremely Durable Materials Used for Bite Builder

Key features of this Bite Builder:

  • 2 padded hard handles
  • 100% safe materials
  • Durable material
  • Ring for leash attachment
  • Easy bite grip angle for puppy
  • Central round nylon soft handle

Intended use of this Bite Builder:

  • Basic puppy bite training
  • Building full bite grip
  • Building better position grip
  • Building stronger grip

Quality stuff is probably a dream of every dog owner and trainer. One of the features of this tool is that it is manufactured from natural and safe jute material. The stuff is totally dog-health friendly and will do no harm to your four-pawed friend. It will not result in allergy, skin irritation, rash or stomach disease. It is absolutely harmless for you as well.
The supply is stitched for more durability. Its parts will not tear apart. This allows your puppy to bite and tug the item heavily. Nothing will happen with it!
This dog training gear is equipped with 3 handles for additional comfort during training sessions. It has 2 hard padded handles and one central nylon handle. It allows you to hold the supply in different positions in order to make training more successful. Moreover, this handles will not rub your skin and your hands will not become rough.
The outfit is so lightweight that you will hardly feel its weight holding it. This prevents quick tiredness.

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