Dog Bite Pad Made of Jute with 3 Heavy-Duty Handles


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  • Model: TE7##1029 Dog bite pad 3 handles made of jute

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3 Handled Jute Pillow Stuffed and Stitched for Dog Bite Training

Are you interested in high quality dog supplies? Want to own a reliable and practical canine article? You are welcome to appreciate our handmade training gear meant for bite work with medium and large dog breeds. It is an extremely strong educative tool that is capable of standing the hardest bites of the strongest canines. Get this indispensable tool for your four-legged pal if you want him to get stronger and stronger. Due to well-thought design this pad is perfect for grasping with the mouth.

This page shows a wide pillow. You can also order an extra wide pad. Such an item is well suitable for building correct snap and bite and for correcting them if necessary. Being carefully and reliably stitched the equipment will be serviceable for a decade at least. This pad is ideal instrument to teach your pet to fetch or just to make fun with him. Our makers always follow safe and quality standards when manufacturing this facility. As soon as you try it for the first time you will make sure of its usability.

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  • Lightweight Dog Bite Pillow Stuffed with Special FillerAdvanced Dog Pillow Stuffed with Safe Filler for Bite Training
  • Bite Training Pad with 3 Comfortable HandlesDog Bite Training Pad with 3 Comfortable Strong Handles

Key features of this Dog Bite Pillow:

  • dog friendly stuffing
  • durable safe bite jute material exterior
  • lightweight
  • three full grip flexible handles
  • wide bite area surface
  • heavily stitched body
  • resistant to tear and wear

Intended use of this Canine Bite Pad:

  • Schutzhund training
  • protection work training

Sizes available:

  • width - 8 1/2 inch (23 cm)
  • length - 13 inch (33 cm)


  • Jute

It is equipped with 3 extra durable handles in order to be more maneuverable. Your hands will be better protected from injuries if you hold this pad by the handle/handles during bite training. The handles are firmly secured in the body. Once your dog catches the pad with his teeth you can freely pull it by the handle thus involving the dog in tug-of-war activity. The handles help you to hold this pad stronger. This pillow has light weight so it will be comfortable for you to carry it or turn it up. It is a versatile training mean to be used for various settings. It is too helpful for development of hunting instincts in a dog. Also, it can be used for guard and protection training, police work, etc.

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